#7 – 10 Things We Can Do For our Adult Children

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  1. JIll says:

    My husband is the one who is having a terrible time dealing with the empty nest thing. Our youngest (son) graduates from high school this year. Our daughter graduated two years ago and is likely headed overseas this Fall.
    I am about to go nuts with my husbands inability to move forward and look for the positive. This stuff has been going on since long before the first one left.
    Most of the coping strategies that I come across are geared toward grieving Moms. Where is the help for Dads?

    • Susan says:

      Thank you so much for your comment, Jill. My husband is actually working on some “guest posts” for me. We will try to hear from the man’s perspective as well. This time of life definitely seems to affect us all differently. For the most part, I would feel that coping strategies are similar for all of us — communication with our kids, keeeping up/making new friendships, allowing ourselves to “glance” back but not “stare.” You make a great point — we will work on that! I also have asked a single parent to write some posts as well.Thanks again for your comment.

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