2018, the Year of Less

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5 Responses

  1. Rebekah Samuel says:

    I really love this Aunt Susan! I’m also focusing on less this year too and learning minimalism while creating more time for the things that matter and get me somewhere. This is a neat blog post!

  2. Joan Sheehy says:

    Susan, I really enjoyed your post! Totally agree! Less stuff, was definitely my goal for 2017. I set out to clean, organize, and purge from every drawer, shelf, rack, etc. in our home. My plan was to do just one per day. If I was too busy one day, I did two the next. I worked all last year. I accomplished quite a bit and was able to donate many things that hopefully will help others. And while I did slack off half way through the year, I got busy again in November. Today, I finished the last drawer and shelf in the frig. Now, the ketchup packets are even organized!! 2018?? This is the year for the basement!!

    • Susan says:

      What a great idea!! A drawer, shelf or rack each day! Thanks for sharing that with me and for the encouragement; I really appreciate it! I’ll be in the basement too…hopefully we will both emerge before the year is out. Haha!

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