A Light Among the Knights

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14 Responses

  1. PJ Shemanski says:

    What a wonderful story of an awesome man and his love of humanity. Thank YOU for acknowledging him.

  2. Beth Kelley says:

    What a beautiful tribute to a man I am proud to work with every day,

  3. Kathy says:

    Thank you for this article, Susan! Mike was deeply touched. We succeed when we are lifted up by the prayers and support of family and friends. Your family has been both to us for a lifetime and we love you beyond measure!

    • Susan says:

      Thanks,sis!This whole story is one of inspiration and really encourages us to want to invest in the things that are truly important in life. Love you both more than you know.

  4. Judy Hoschner says:

    Mike, you are an exceptional man. I am deeply touched by what you have done for these young men. May you be a beacon of light and inspiration to both students and coaches. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if more of us could step out and give confidence to people around us? It’s never too late to give back.

  5. Keith Valeninte says:

    This article truly brought tears to my eyes! To read about someone who helps young
    people to shine is awesome. And the young people who take the hint and do the shining is beyond words. Keith Valentine

  6. Josh Dewley says:

    Great tribute, and a great season! Thanks for everything you do, coach!

  7. Karlotta Querio says:

    What an Amazing Coach he has been to my son Jeffrey for the past 2 years! His Dedication and discipline resulted in Victiry Time and Time again… Thanks Coach for such a Awesome Season!

  8. Brandon Bledsoe says:

    He is an amazing man aswell as an amazing coach. I thank him very much everyday for what he does and the way he helps people. Thank you coach

  9. Julie says:

    Bravo Sir.

  10. MariAne Tulppo says:

    I love Mr Gregory! So proud of my knights. And proud to say I graduated from Lincoln. It put me in a better position in life. I miss my Knight family!

  11. Steve Hopkins says:

    Honored to call him cuz… ‘The hearts of the saints have been refreshed through you, brother.’ (Philemon 7)

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