About The Author

About The Author

I am the mother of three wonderful boys who have seemingly grown up overnight and are now out of our home and living on their own.  My husband Arnie and I have celebrated thirty five years of marriage, and look forward to many more.  I am a semi-retired speech pathologist and Arnie is a worship/associate pastor.

Recently I realized that we have entered a whole new season of life, which is saturated with change and some apprehension. We are enjoying the precious addition of two grandsons, developing close relationships with our daughters-in-law, and beginning to start new hobbies and interests. We are learning to juggle the demands of work, ever-increasing needs of elderly parents, and preparing for anticipated retirement.

A number of our friends are in similar situations; we all find ourselves in unfamiliar territory. For so many years, our lives revolved around our children and family activities. Now that the boys have grown up and moved on, we are constantly re-arranging our nest to figure out what’s most comfortable.

Parenting never ends; it simply morphs into something that looks more like advice passed from one adult to another. Pearls of wisdom gained from years of experience spill out whether solicited or not; sometimes accompanied by a splash of fresh tears, whether happy or sad.

My hope through this blog is give all of us an opportunity to share in this experience together. To discuss our hopes and joys, to realize that we are not alone in our transition, and to help each other along the way. There is certain comfort in knowing that others are going through a similar path in life; that, even though our children have “left the nest,” we have so many wonderful things to look forward to. Let’s travel on this journey together.