A House is not a Home

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8 Responses

  1. Leish says:

    With tears I read this remembering this process 10 years ago! So wonderfully put as only you can! Love and prayers for your next life chapter.

  2. Helen marie says:

    Enjoyed reading this. We are that difficult age when we are taking care of parents instead of them taking care of us…..and cherishing every minute because every day is a gift.

  3. Melody Barbour says:

    Love this, Susan! Thanks for this sentimental journey and the reminder of how life’s hard moments can be less difficult with the right perspective. We get wrapped up in this temporary home of ours, too, but we have an eternal home filled with love up ahead!

  4. Jodi King says:

    Thanks for sharing! Every day is a blessing! Treasured memories of friends and family!

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