It Makes Total Scents

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4 Responses

  1. Juanita says:

    There are many scents that remind me of special things in my life, but the most recent when we were able to go on our grandson’s first train ride. The passenger car was just as I remembered from my childhood days of riding the rails from Erlanger to TN or Danville, but it was the smell that I noticed as soon as we stepped into the car. It was exactly as I remember it! I’m sure Pop was with us on our short journey and that he made sure the conductor kept his eyes on us just as he had when I was a child traveling solo.

  2. Linda Allen says:

    Jasmine. Mom, Dad, and one younger brother and I were on our way to the Philippines to visit my older brother and meet his new wife. The trip had been long and harrowing. Right before the plane began its descent a stewardess handed out hot washcloths scented with Jasmine. Suddenly I was refreshed and ready for an adventure of a lifetime! The smell of jasmine still evokes joyful anticipation.

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